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Thermo Shrinkable Shoe Cover Laminating Machine

Thermo Shrinkable Shoe Cover Laminating Machine

Product name: Automatic shoe cover dispenser Model No.: XT-46C Working principle: This automatic shoe cover machine uses the principle that the thermo shrinkable film will shrink at proper temperatur...


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Product name: Automatic Shoe Cover Machine 

Model No.: XT-46C

About us


The Unique Manufacturer of Intelligent Thermo Shrinkable Shoe Cover Machine


“Quen” Thermo Shrinkable Shoe Cover Machine had been developed since 2003.


 It entered into European market in 2006.


Product passes CE certification


This Automatic Shoe Cover Machine uses the principle that Thermo Shrinkable Film will shrink at 

proper temperaturecomplete different technology from other shoe cover machine.

It can automatically outputs and cuts the PVC film and provide hot air .

It only takes three seconds to make PVC film into shoe cover and wraps people's shoes.



Automatic Shoe Cover Machine

To provide a clean environment ! 

Advantage of Quen Shoe Cover Machine:

1. Economical  : 

The cost of our PVC film is economical than traditional shoe cover,the thickness is 28μm,it is more durable

2. Large capacity

One roll film can make 500 pairs shoe cover, for other shoe cover machine, 

the capacity is only 50-100 pairs shoe cover

3. Long design life

The design life is 300,000 Times

4. Convenient

It only takes about 30s to replace the film roll, then it can use 1000 times consecutively.

5. Comfortable

It is easy to use and comfortable to wear.

6. Environment- friendly

The PVC film has passed the RoHS certificate, it is environment-friendly

Applicable Site for Shoe Cover Machine:


Medical system: Clinics,  Laboratory, Hospital (operating room,CT room, X-ray room, B ultra room,ICU room,


                                       VIP room, Blood center), etc  

Enterprise:  Food factory, Pharmaceutical factory, Electric factory, Chemical industry, Dustless room, etc


Public: High grade club, Hotel,  Museum, Top grade meeting room, Spa center, Fitness center, etc


Real Estate: Model house, High grade residence, etc

Education System: Kindergarten, School, Computer room, Research and teaching, etc



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Zhejiang Quen Technology Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China thermo shrinkable shoe cover laminating machine manufacturers and suppliers, over the years, we have established good relationship with our customers for wholesale thermo shrinkable shoe cover laminating machine.

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